Ocean Dry CleanersSince 1993 Ocean Dry Cleaners has provided quality dry cleaning and laundry services on the Galt Ocean Mile and beyond.  Many of you may know by now that there has been a recent change in ownership of this bustling business.  In November 2012, I purchased the business and was not only attracted to its beautiful location on the beach and its dynamic clientele, but most importantly, the fact that it was an environmentally friendly dry cleaner.

No Perc Dry CleanersPerchloroethylene, or PERC for short, is a solvent used by the majority of dry cleaners in the United States. While a highly effective cleaning agent, PERC is also toxic and can cause harmful side effects, such as dizziness, fatigue, headaches, confusion, nausea, eye and mucous membrane irritation.  Its residue can also seep into drinking water, causing a variety of environmental problems as you can imagine.

My first introduction to dry cleaning was during high school where I had an afternoon job at my local cleaners.  This was during the 70’s and at the time, no one was aware of the dangers of PERC.  Now, 30+ years later, as the problems with PERC have been discovered, alternative methods of dry cleaning have thankfully become available.  At Ocean Dry Cleaner, we use a hydrocarbon based cleaning process (DF-2000) that is non-toxic.  Though DF-2000 is environmentally sound, we have a very large containment pan that surrounds our very large dry cleaning machine.  If anything were to spill, it would be safely captured and unable to seep into the groundwater.  You will notice on your dry cleaning bills that there is a tax on dry cleaning – it is to assist the state of Florida in monitoring PERC-based cleaners.  Sadly, those funds are also used to remediate former PERC contamination sites.  Though we are not a PERC-based cleaner, we are still required by law to participate in this program.

But knowledge is power so if you choose to use the services of a dry cleaner, it’s best to know how your clothes are cleaned, and that your cleaner is not polluting the earth with hazardous chemicals.  As the owner, I am committed to using the safest and friendliest cleaning methods available because I care about my customers, I care about their clothing and I care about protecting the environment.


Sherri Lee

P.S.  Feel free to bring your excess hangers in for recycling!